Pneumonia: Signs and Symptoms of Pneumonia

Signs and Symptoms of Pneumonia

  • Initially, symptoms of a common cold followed by high-grade fever, shaking chills, and a cough with sputum production
  • The sputum is usually discolored and sometimes bloody
  • Patients may have breathing difficulties and shortness of breath
  • Chest pain may develop if the peripheral part of the lung is involved
  • The pain increases when taking a deep breath
  • In children and the elderly, the symptoms may not be very specific and obvious; therefore, it should be carefully diagnosed.
  • In some cases, pneumonia may be slow onset and worsening cough, headaches, and muscle aches may be the only symptoms
  • Coughing may not be a significant symptom in many patients

Do and Don’ts of Pneumonia

  • Take rest
  • Take nutritious diet
  • Drink a lot of water

Advice from Your Physician

The doctor would prescribe antibiotics, which should be taken early in the disease for a good prognosis. Older people, children, and immunocompromised people need more attention during the upper respiratory tract infection.