Pregnancy week 11

You are in week 11 and only one more week left to complete your first trimester. In this article, we shall explain your baby’s developmental changes and what you should expect in 11 weeks of pregnancy. 

Let’s read on.

Your baby at pregnancy week 11

Your tiny one will be a little bigger this week. It will measure around 1.6 inches long and weigh 0.25 ounces. It’s just the size of a lemon.

Physical and developmental changes noted in week 11 are:

  • All major organs formed in the previous week will continue maturing and become specialized in their own way.
  • Your baby can breathe. It will inhale and exhale small amounts of amniotic fluid. This process helps in lung development.
  • The ears will protrude out from the head and will be more appropriately placed.
  • Facial bones will be visible, and the neck can be seen, even though small. It will add a proper physical makeup to the body.
  • The head will still appear big at week 11, but gradually it will look smaller as the rest of the body develops.
  • Hair follicles will begin forming, and the skin over its body will thicken. The bones will gain strength.
  • Your baby’s eyelids will remain closed, but it will have sleeping and waking cycles of its own.
  • Vocal cords begin to form. As ears develop, it can listen to sounds from the external environment. 

Your body at week 11 of pregnancy

Increased appetite

You will feel hungry more often and may eat way more than what you were eating previously. Food aversions and cravings may still persist.

Skin and hair

Thick and healthy hair and glowing skin are gifts of pregnancy hormones. However, some women can also have excessive oily or dry skin, along with acne.


Acidity symptoms, bloating, and gas are very common at this stage.


Your breasts will continue to remain heavy and tender.

Pregnancy line

It’s typically a dark-colored vertical line that shows up from your navel to the end of your belly. It’s called linea nigra, commonly called the pregnancy line. It will do away after your delivery.

Leg cramps

Your legs will appear stout and become heavy. Leg cramps are very often. Check with your doctor how to manage swelling and edema in legs during pregnancy.

Mood swings

These are all related to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Sometimes you will feel like crying without any reason, and the next moment it would disappear, and you would feel happy again.

Vaginal discharge

Clear fluid from the vagina is normal. It shouldn’t be smelly or accompanied by blood. Inform your doctor if you notice something unusual – like bleeding, greenish discharge, or fluid leakage.

Baby bump

You can feel the bump, and it will show up a little bit if you are carrying twins or more.

Maternal tests:

You have to take nuchal translucency ultrasound sometimes between 11-14 weeks. It’s a screening test for Down syndrome. Your doctor would ask you to go for blood tests to screen for other genetic conditions like Trisomy 18, Tay-Sachs, sickle cell anemia, and spina bifida. 

Apart from this, your doctor might ask for a blood test to measure PAPP-A (pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A) and hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone. 

Safety tips for pregnant moms at week 11

  • You need to take care of your own health throughout your pregnancy. Do not miss taking your prenatal vitals.
  • Cook your food properly during this time. Avoid raw uncooked food. Eat homemade meals. Avoid smoking and alcohol as they can pose a severe health risk to your baby. Take caffeine in a limited amount.
  • Do not miss your prenatal tests. They are essential to assess your baby’s growth and development as well as your health.
  • Never take any medicine without asking the doctor.
  • Always consult your doctor before trying anything new – be it new hair color, exercise, diet, etc. Above all, stay active and emotionally happy.