Pregnancy week 13

You enter the second trimester with the onset of week 13. You will begin feeling pregnant and bulky with the beginning of 4th month as your baby continues to grow. Let’s check out how your baby grows and the changes that you would be experiencing in pregnancy week 13. 

Your baby at pregnancy week 13 

In the 12th week of your pregnancy, your baby will measure 6.5 – 8 cm long and weigh around 23-28 grams. It will be as big as a pea pod.

The developmental progress of the fetus in this week is explained below.

  • The cartilage tissues in arms and legs will develop into bones, adding more strength to the body. It can freely move its hands and legs.
  • The kidneys are functioning well, and it can urinate inside the amniotic fluid.
  • Hair follicles had already started growing in previous weeks, but very fine and thin hair called lanugo will appear this week.
  • The fingernails and ridges at fingertips will develop. These ridges will form fingerprints. 

The placenta plays a important role in the developing fetus. Your baby will receive oxygen and all essential nutrients through the placenta, and it also will help in removing waste products from fetal blood. 

Maternal tests 

If your doctor recommends an ultrasound this week, you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat in an external Doppler. You will also be able to view the physical developments that have taken place in your baby.

Your body at pregnancy week 13 

You will sail smoothly through the second trimester. The typical morning sickness and mood swings fade, and you will enjoy your pregnancy now.

Some characteristic changes that you are more likely to observe in your body are: 

Stretch marks

Every pregnant woman will get stretch marks, and that’s because of your hormones and change in weight. They will typically appear as purplish or reddish lines on your breasts, neck, legs (especially thighs), and belly.

Discharge from breasts

As your breasts are preparing for lactation after delivery, you might observe yellowish to slightly orange color fluid leaking from your breasts. This is called colostrum and is normal.

Vaginal discharge

You might notice a change in vaginal discharge. It will increase and become thin and clear. This vaginal discharge is called Leukorrhea. Do not stress on that. It’s quite normal. Leukorrhea instead maintains a healthy bacterial load in your vagina.

Weight gain continues

Yes, be prepared to accept that you are no more than skinny women. Now you are carrying a baby inside you. Your thighs, face, arms, and abdomen will look heavier in the second trimester. The best part of your baby bump will now be evident.

Gas, bloating, acidity, and constipation persists. Some women continue experiencing morning sickness in 4 and 5th month as well. If you are one of them, then wait for a few more weeks to get over it.

Self-care tips for pregnancy week 13

  • The second trimester is considered to be safe to indulge in physical intimacy. However, it’s always advised to speak to your doctor, especially if you have any pregnancy complications. In such cases, your doctor might ask you to abstain from sexual intercourse throughout gestation.
  • Besides taking your folic acids and other supplements, you have to incorporate more immunity-boosting natural foods in your diet. Oranges, apples, bananas, nuts, leafy greens, milk, etc. are a must. This, in turn, will increase your baby’s immunity as well.
  • Keep your underwear clean and dry and change it frequently to protect yourself from vaginal infections. Use panty liners while stepping out. Similarly, if you find breast discharge bothersome, then try wearing breast pads or padded bras. 

Last but not least, be careful while walking or doing exercise. Never do anything risky. Stay happy and enjoy the days.