Pregnancy week 14

Pregnancy week 14 means you are three months and one week pregnant. Let’s check out how your baby grows and the changes that you would be experiencing in pregnancy week 14.

Your baby at pregnancy week 14

At the 14th week of your pregnancy, your baby will measure 9 – 10 cm long and weigh around 43-58 grams. It will be as big as an orange.

The developmental progress of the fetus in this week is explained below.

  • The facial features become distinct at week 14. The roof of the mouth is fully formed. The sucking action helps in the development of cheeks.
  • Quite interesting, your baby can show a distinct smile this week. This is because her facial muscles have developed.
  • The external genital organs are entirely developed now.
  • Your baby can swallow the amniotic fluid, and then the waste products will be excreted as urine.
  • The intestines have already been formed in the previous weeks. This week it will work on forming the first bowel, which is called meconin.
  • The liver can make bile, and the thyroid gland will also become functional to produce thyroxin hormone.
  • Very fine hair will appear on its head, and a thin line of eyebrows will also develop at week 14. 

All the major and vital organs which already formed in the first trimester will continue to grow, develop, and mature in second trimester weeks. 

Pregnancy tests at week 14

If you have missed out on any necessary tests like hCG, pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A ( PAPP-A ), and nuchal translucency, then it can be conducted in this week. 

Your body at pregnancy week 14 

Spike in energy

It’s like you have settled in your pregnancy this week of the second trimester. The placenta is entirely functional, and your baby is also growing at a steady pace. Morning sickness symptoms have reduced, and you will feel better and energetic this week. 

Increased appetite

That’s because you have regained your appetite, and food aversions are over. But stay alert! All you need is healthy, wholesome, and nutritious meals, which should help you and your baby. 

Varicose veins

Many women get varicose veins, which are nothing but swollen blood vessels in feet. It happens due to an increase in blood volume in your body. Your legs might ache and feel tired due to this. 

Breast tenderness reduces

Your breasts will feel heavy and bulky, but the tenderness or soreness will reduce now, much to your relief.

Change in nose

Stuffy nose is very common in week 14 and can continue to bother you in the second trimester. It gets congested because of increased blood flow in the mucous membranes of your nose. You can actually feel your nose has become bigger, softer, and look little swollen. 

Round ligament pain

This is very common during the second trimester. The round ligaments of your pelvis are constantly working to help your uterus expand. This leads to spasm and exhaustion in those round ligaments. As a result, you will experience a typical pain in and around your abdomen and groin for a few minutes, especially while doing any activity or even while turning sides on the bed. 

Pregnancy tips for moms at 14 week

  • As you start feeling better, start doing some mild exercises. Walking is very beneficial. It will also maintain blood flow in your legs and prevent swelling. You can soak your legs in warm water for 15-20 minutes daily and consider elevating them up on a stool to manage varicose veins.
  • With regained appetite, your food weakness and cravings will be back. Avoid too much sugar – chocolates, sweets, pastries, and ice-cream. This can also increase your chances of having gestational diabetes.
  • If you notice any changes in your skin – like moles, excessive darkening, too much itchiness, etc. then get it examined by your doctor.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes, preferably breathable fabrics like cotton. Personal hygiene is of utmost importance.
  • Stay away from alcohol and carbonated drinks. Your doctor would also ask you to avoid tattoos and chemical treatments of skin and hair.