Pregnancy week 15

Your second trimester is on, and you are just two more weeks away from entering the last trimester of your pregnancy.

Let’s check out how your baby grows and the changes that you would be experiencing in pregnancy week 15

Your baby at pregnancy week 15 

In the 15th week of your pregnancy, your baby will measure around 3.98- 4 inches (avg. 11 cms). This measurement is from the top of the head to the end of the buttocks and is termed as crown-rump length. It will weigh around 2.47 oz or 71 grams approximately. Basically, your baby is as big as an apple or a pear.

The developmental progress of the fetus in this week is explained below.

  • Ossification of bones is an important milestone of week 15. The entire skeletal system (skull, neck, shoulder, arms, legs, jaws, etc.) comprising of bones of different lengths will become stronger and denser.
  • The skin is still translucent. Blood vessels underneath will be visible.
  • The inner ear begins to develop. All other sensory organs, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. acquire proper shape, making the fetus appear more baby-like.
  • Your baby can move very well by now. It can stretch, wiggle, and breathe properly. Just a wait of few more weeks to feel it kicking you.
  • The normal range for your baby’s heart rate is 115 to 160 beats per minute. You can hear it clearly in the Doppler device. 

Prenatal test at week 15

Your doctor might ask you to go for a Multiple marker test in the 15th week. It can be conducted anywhere between 15 and 20th weeks. This blood test rules out neural tube defects such as spina bifida and chromosomal abnormalities like Down syndrome and trisomy 18.

Your body at pregnancy week 15 

Weight gain

By now, you will quite feel that you are pregnant. One pound every week is the weight that you gain!!! This is all because of your growing baby, and the hormonal changes taking place within your body.


Not all pregnant women get itchy skin. But it’s quite common due to the skin stretching out with a growing belly. You can experience it in your legs and hands too. 

Nose bleeding

With an increase in hormone and blood in your body, the delicate vessels in your nose might break and bleed. The bleeding is occasional and not profuse. It is normal.

Gum bleeding

Pregnancy gum bleeding is another common symptom at this week. The hormones affect your dental health. You will observe bleeding gums while brushing your teeth. This can continue throughout pregnancy but will go away after delivery.


You may notice urine infection or fungal infections, more commonly thrush infections. Talk to your doctor about this. 


Gastrointestinal problems, headaches, vaginal discharge, general tiredness, body cramps, etc. that you have been experiencing would be present in the 15th week too.

Self-care tips at week 15

  • It would help if you focused on healthy weight gain throughout your pregnancy. This will be beneficial for your baby’s well-being and help you get back to normal body shape after delivery.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes, preferably breathable fabrics like cotton. Personal hygiene is of utmost importance.
  • Talk to your doctor about pregnancy gingivitis. Do not use any mouthwashes without or dental gels without consulting your doctor or a dentist. Meanwhile, keep practicing proper oral hygiene.
  • Staying active is important. Go for walking once a day. Water exercises and yoga are also beneficial during pregnancy. Do it under expert’s guidance and supervision.
  • Along with activity, adequate rest is equally important. So sleep well and focus on calming activities like reading, listening to music, painting, etc.